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On our website you’ll find  unique, high quality handcrafted glass art. Glass art makes great gifts for loved ones and is amazing decor any room or office._FBW7730

Are you a retailer, wholesaler, shop or boutique owner?

If you answered yes, then our glass figurines are the perfect choice for you. With our stunning range of handmade glass figurines made by talented artisans, you’ll appreciate the style, elegance and personality we have imbued into these beautiful glass figures.

Get ready to give a glimpse of your lifestyle and your aesthetic sense to your customers!

Our glass figurines are the real deal – handmade one by one.

They are totally 100% glass, contain no dyes, no paint, and no decals! Being that all of our products are handmade, each glass figurine is completely unique and you’ll never find two exactly the same.

Team Basque